The Hatfields and McCoys may have lived and died over 100 years ago, as well History's Emmy and Golden Globe-winning mini-series have come and gone, but that won't be the last we've heard from the feuding families. NBC has officially given a pilot order to a modern-day update of the classic rivalry, to be executive produced by actress Charlize Theron, but how will a modern day 'Hatfields & McCoys' unfold? Find out how the rivalry gets updated for the 21st century inside!

Given the estimated 14 million viewers and multitude of awards 'Hatfields & McCoys' garnered for the History Channel, it's no surprise that other networks would look to capitalize on the tale come pilot season. To that end, NBC has given an official pilot order to a modern update of the classic tale, with Charlize Theron sitting in as executive producer.

“Set in present day Pittsburgh, a startling death re-ignites the feud between these two legendary families," says the as-yet-untitled series description. "Unleashing decades of resentment, the blue collar McCoys will put the Hatfields’ wealth and power at risk as they go to war for control of the city.”

Additional producers include AJ Dix, Dawn Olmstead and Beau Flynn, while 'Eagle Eye' scribe John Glenn will pen the pilot episode.

What say you? Do you think 'Hatfields & McCoys' could work in a modern-day setting? Tell us if you'd watch the new series in the comments!