Jean-Claude Van Johnson

'The Tick,' 'Jean-Claude Van Johnson' Amazon Series Orders
If the Amazon crop of pilots seemed especially strong this past summer, they tend to agree with you. Not only does our rebooted version of The Tick now have a series order, but so too will Jean-Claude Van Damme’s Jean-Claude Van Johnson live to fight another day, while Kathryn Hahn will continue to express her love of Dick. There is nothing funny about that, stop snickering.
'Jean-Claude Van Johnson' Gets Weird First Amazon Trailer
Does Jean-Claude Van Damme keep entire shelves for framed photos of his dogs? Does he make exclusive use of hygiene products adorned with his initials? How about a cabinet full of Pop-Tarts, which the action star barbarically microwaves? These are real questions to ask, poised by the first trailer for Amazon’s Jean-Claude Van Johnson.
Amazon 'The Tick' Reboot Sets August Debut With First Photos
Just when you thought Comic-Con 2016 wouldn’t bring you enough superheroes, it’s Amazon’s live-action adaptation of The Tick! Yes, the big blue bug is back, as Amazon sets an August debut with the first photos of Peter Serafinowicz in costume, along with release dates for Jean Claude Van Damme’s new series and more.