If the Amazon crop of pilots seemed especially strong this past summer, they tend to agree with you. Not only does our rebooted version of The Tick now have a series order, but so too will Jean-Claude Van Damme’s Jean-Claude Van Johnson live to fight another day, while Kathryn Hahn will continue to express her love of Dick. There is nothing funny about that, stop snickering.

Following a few weeks on the streaming pilot market, Amazon officially confirmed series orders for its new offerings. This was the most the most watched pilot season ever for Amazon, who is expected to debut full seasons for The Tick, Jean-Claude Van Johnson and Jill Soloway’s I Love Dick in 2017.

So reads Amazon’s brief synopses for all three:

The new half hour series include I Love Dick, based on the renowned feminist novel about a couple’s marital struggles in the artistic and academic community of Marfa, Texas; Jean-Claude Van Johnson, where martial arts film star Jean-Claude Van Damme operates under the alias of “Jean-Claude Van Johnson” to serve as the most dangerous undercover private contractor in the world; and The Tick, an offbeat and dark superhero tale based on the acclaimed comic. Customers can watch the pilot episodes at www.amazon.com/pilotseason.

Certainly, all three were intriguing enough to merit additional orders (perhaps most pressingly, to discover Jean-Claude’s obsession with Pop-Tarts, microwaved or otherwise), but watch all three trailers for yourself below, along with the pilots at the link above.

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