Amazon's 'Sneaky Pete' Renewed for Season 2
You’d be forgiven to have not seen Amazon’s Sneaky Pete just yet, given its Amazon premiere this past Friday, original conception as a CBS show and multi-year development. Still, the new con man drama from the minds and stars of Justified is sneaking by with a second season, Bryan Cran…
Walton Goggins Wants a 'Justified' Boyd Crowder Return
By the grace of Givens, we’ll have Walton Goggins back on TV as early as Sunday’s Vice Principals premiere, even if many will forever associate the Justified actor with his more colorful alter-ego, Boyd Crowder. FX put a pretty perfect cap on Boyd’s tale by the series finale, bu…
'Justified' EP Developing Elmore Leonard Western for AMC
The voice of late writer Elmore Leonard has faded on TV somewhat since Justified came to its six-season close earlier this year, but can another gunslinging tale from the author fill the gap? We’ll find out, if Justified executive producer Chris Provenzano succeeds in bringing Leonard’…
‘Justified’ Series Finale Review: “The Promise”
Justified fans, it has all come down to this. Tonight’s series finale “The Promise,” finally brought the house down, as the six-season rivalry between Raylan Givens (Timothy Olyphant) and Boyd Crowder (Walton Goggins) came to a bloody end. Find out who lived, who died, and who l…
'Justified' Season 6 Review: "Burned"
Justified’s 6th and final season takes aim at its ninth 2015 installment in “Burned,” as Boyd is forced to step up his plan to rob Markham, while Raylan works every possible angle to counter his moves, and the future of Harlan's weed industry crystallizes.
'Justified' Season 6 Review: "Dark as a Dungeon"
Justified’s 6th and final season takes aim at its eighth 2015 installment in “Dark As a Dungeon,” as Raylan makes deals with both Avery Markham and Boyd in pursuit of Ty Walker, while Art gets a mysterious invitation from Katherine Hale (Mary Steenburgen).
'Justified' Season 6 Review: "The Hunt"
Justified’s 6th and final season takes aim at its seventh 2015 installment in “The Hunt,” as Boyd takes a nervous Ava into isolation to confirm some troubling news, while Raylan balances work with Winona's arrival, and Ty Walker attempts to flee both Markham and his own men…
'Justified' Season 6 Review: "Alive Day"
Justified’s 6th and final season takes aim at its sixth 2015 installment in “Alive Day,” as Markham's men grow desperate in the wake of a sloppy error, Boyd's mining scheme hits a deadly snag, and Rachel begins to suspect Raylan's liability with Ava.
'Justified' Season 6 Review: "Sounding"
Justified’s 6th and final season takes aim at its fifth 2015 installment in “Sounding,” as Ava's desperation threatens to derail Raylan's case, while Wynn Duffy looks into her release, and Boyd enlists a dangerous ally in the caper against Avery Markham (Sam Elliott).

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