Mark Strong

Is Mark Strong the next Lex Luthor?
UPDATE: Additional speculation suggests that 'Breaking Bad' star Bryan Cranston may also be up for the role. Between these two actors, which would you rather see get the part?
As eagle-eyed fans the world over will tell you, 'Man of Steel' contained numerous references to LexCorp, the company run by …
AMC’s ‘Low Winter Sun’ Poster Is Killer
For as much as we look forward to the debut of 'Breaking Bad''s final episodes on Aug. 11, that Sunday will also see the premiere of AMC's new UK-adapted cop drama, 'Low Winter Sun,' starring rumored Lex Luthor Mark Strong. We loved the first trailer for the moody new s…
Mark Strong + Andy Garcia — Dead Ringers?
Mark Strong may not have much hair, but when he does get hooked up with some locks -- most notably in the 'Sherlock Holmes' movie -- he acquires that "don't go against the family" vibe Andy Garcia had while filming 'The Godfather.'

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