Just as AMC earlier placed its Sunday offering of the final 'Breaking Bad' premiere "Blood Money" online to view, so too has the meth drama's newest partner hit the web. 'Low Winter Sun' may have split the critics in evaluating AMC's latest gritty drama, but you can judge for yourself by watching the entire series premiere pilot episode right here!

The latest drama offering from the prestigious network gets fairly violent in the first few minutes alone, as leading men Frank Agnew (Mark Strong) and Joe Geddes ('The Walking Dead's Lennie James) psych themselves up to bring morally grey justice to a corrupt colleague. Expect to see a few familiar faces along the way as well as Frank and Joe's dark deed will send the pair afoul of David Costabile’s (‘Breaking Bad‘) character Simon Boyd, tasked with heading up their department’s Internal Affairs.

Adapted from a 2006 UK miniseries (also featuring Mark Strong) and written and executive produced by Chris Mundy (‘Criminal Minds’), the AMC drama is described as “a contemporary story of murder, deception, revenge and corruption that starts with the murder of a cop by fellow Detroit detective Frank Agnew.” Also starring Ruben Santiago-Hudson (‘Castle‘), Sprague Grayden (’24′) and Athena Karkanis (‘The Transporter’), the series positions the murder to forever alter Frank’s life by activating forces that pull him deeper into the Detroit underworld.

After you've watched the pilot above, tell us what you thought in the comments! Will 'Low Winter Sun' prove to be the next heavy hitter, or another in a series of increasingly dark paint-by-numbers?

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