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See the Epic Scope of James Gray’s ‘Lost City of Z’ Trailer
James Gray’s newest film The Lost City of Z has quietly become a hit with critics and Gray devotees ever since debuting at last year’s New York Film Festival. It’s about to hit theaters here, and its newest trailer, while the briefest look we’ve gotten of it so far, shows off the immense scope of what looks like a modern movie that dreams of being an Old Hollywood epic.
Charlie Hunnam’s on a Mission in ‘Lost City of Z’ Trailer
James Gray got played hard on his last release, the classically-minded drama The Immigrant. The film earned rapturous reviews out of its premiere at Cannes and landed a distribution deal with the power players at the Weinstein Company — who then let it languish in obscurity before quietly releasing it over a year later. The film was a triumph among critics but a huge missed opportunity from an industry perspective. Hopefully, Gray will have a better go with the less domineering Amazon Studios, who will release his new picture The Lost City of Z in April.
‘Live By Night’ Review: Ben Affleck Versus the Gangsters of Tampa
Joe Coughlin should have listened to his dad. Joe (Ben Affleck) was a gangster (although he preferred the term outlaw) and his father Thomas (Brendan Gleeson) was a cop in their hometown of Boston. Over dinner one night, Thomas warns Joe: “What you put out into the world always come back to you.” “But,” he adds, “not how you expect.”
‘The Lost City of Z’ Teaser: James Gray’s Enters the Heart of Darkness
James Gray's latest effort The Lost City of Z caused no small commotion when it debuted earlier this year to close out the New York Film Festival. The filmmaker already enjoys a small but dedicated fanbase, and after his 2014 film The Immigrant got all but buried by its distributor the Weinstein Company, Gray's devotees were eager to see what he'd cooked up this time. Among the splashy debuts for The 13th and 20th Century Women, Gray delivered a work of knotted moralities and visual splendor, and those parties present left the theatre with a consensus of breathless praise. Now, we commoners can get an eyeful of the film before its debut in April from Amazon and Bleecker Street.
Rumor: Catwoman Won’t Appear in Ben Affleck’s ‘The Batman’
For as much as Tim Burton and Christopher Nolan’s Batman movies varied wildly in tone and aesthetics, one thing both franchises got right was the character of Catwoman. Michelle Pfeiffer played Selina Kyle in Batman Returns as a demented femme fatale, the true star of Burton’s sequel, while Anne Hathaway’s high-tech criminal was the perfect updating of the character for Nolan’s urban Batnoir. One unhinged and unbroken, the other sleek and urbane, the perfect summary of two separate directorial styles.
Rumor: ‘Deadpool 2’ Domino Shortlist Revealed
It’s been a little while since the last update on Deadpool 2, so we’re definitely due for some fresh news — like this casting report, which suggests that several great actresses are on Fox’s shortlist for the role of Domino, a character who has been consistently rumored for the highly-anticipated sequel. According to the latest rumor, the studio is eyeing a handful of stars to play the mutant mercenary (and X-Force member), including Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Kingsman favorite Sofia Boutella.
‘American Sniper’ Review: Eastwood’s Aim Is Off With This War Film
I wonder if Chris Kyle was a Clint Eastwood fan. ‘American Sniper’’s marketing materials describe Kyle as “the most lethal sniper in U.S. history,” but before his military career, Kyle was a cowboy. He wore a hat and boots, and even carried a six-shooter. Eventually, he gave up the cowboy life and decided to serve his country. He was a gifted marksman and trained to be a Navy SEAL. But even as a soldier, Kyle never lost that cowboy swagger—or that sense that someone has to venture out into the frontier and protect the American way of life. That’s what Kyle learned from his father—who raised him to be a “sheepdog,” a watchful protector in a world of sheep and wolves—and from watching violent Westerns like the ones that made Eastwood a major Hollywood star.

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