James Gray’s latest effort, The Lost City ofcaused no small commotion when it debuted earlier this year to close out the New York Film Festival. The filmmaker already enjoys a small but dedicated fanbase, and after his 2014 film The Immigrant got all but buried by its distributor, Gray devotees were eager to see what he’d cooked up this time. Among the splashy debuts for 13th and 20th Century Women, Gray delivered a work of knotted moralities and visual splendor, and those parties present left the theater with a consensus of breathless praise. Now, we commoners can get an eyeful of the film before its debut in April from Amazon and Bleecker Street.

Charlie Hunnam portrays real-life historical figure Percy Fawcett, a British explorer who drove himself to the brink of insanity searching for a mythic golden city deep in the jungles of Brazil. A ensemble goes in search of him — his wife, played by Sienna Miller, a buddy from his military days, played by Robert Pattinson (in continuation of his Work With All Interesting Directors phase of his career), and his son, played by newly-minted Spider-Boy Tom Holland — but find only savagery. Once it becomes clear that the origin of that barbarism is more the white colonialists than the locals, the Heart of Darkness/Apocalypse Now comparisons make themselves.

The newly unveiled trailer shows off the tricky interplay between colonizer and colonized, not to mention the golden-hued photography from master cinematographer Darius Khondji (the guy who’s made Woody Allen’s recent films look so drop-dead gorgeous). With a bigger-name cast and a hookier premise than “terrible things happen to very sad woman,” James Gray’s poised to enjoy a warmer reception for this film than his The Immigrant. Here’s hoping he gets what’s coming to him.

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