We got a trailer yesterday for 'Taken 2' and today we get a poster which doesn't seem like it took a particular set of skills to work up.

In the newly released poster for the sequel to the surprise 20th Century Fox hit, we see star Liam Neeson standing in profile, looking down, carrying that familiar "weight of the world on his shoulders" look so popular in movies about brooding, reluctant anti-heroes.

Behind him stands a big number 2, although for all we know that could just happen to be the address of the building the photo was snapped in front of.

That's pretty much all the information the poster gives us, except for the October 2012 release date. However, we know already that Neeson returns as retired CIA agent Bryan Mills, although this time it's Mills himself (and his wife) who are kidnapped, instead of his daughter (Maggie Grace). But since this is Liam Neeson in full badass mode, we know that he won't stay down for very long.

Watch the trailer here, check out the poster below and get psyched to see Neeson do "what I do best" this October.