Well this throws all your fan theories for Kingsman 3 right out the window. The sequel is supposed to come out next fall, but franchise star Taron Egerton just told Yahoo! Movies that he — and his character, super-spy Eggsy — are not going to be in the film. His quote:

I don’t know how hot off the press this is, and I think I’m allowed to say it, but I’m not in the next Kingsman movie. That doesn’t mean I won’t be in Kingsman ever again. I was with Matthew [Vaughn] as little as a few days ago, we’re still very much in business together, but his next journey in that world doesn’t involve me.

Kingsman movie without Eggsy? That’s like a Bond movie without 007. (I guess that could be done; just watching Q in his lab for 2 hours might be kind of fun.)

The new Kingsman will reportedly “focus on the Secret Service’s missions during the early 20th Century.” I guess that is one way to write Eggsy out of the film. Personally, I would have rather seen a continuation of The Golden Circle, which introduced Eggsy’s American counterpart, Tequila (played by Channing Tatum). He is a big enough name to headline his own movie. Maybe he can travel through time and join the team in the past or something.

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