Well, another teaser from Telltale Games has been posted to Vine, giving us a look at what appears to be a new character from Season Two of The Walking Dead adventure game.

The Vine video shows us more of the bulletin board from the previous teaser, with another person's photo being posted. The new character seems to be a woman, possibly a college student, named Bonnie. Just what role she'll play has yet to be announced, but we're hoping she makes it into the game proper.

So now we have Vince and Bonnie on the roster. Will these two characters show up as survivors in Season Two of The Walking Dead? Perhaps we'll be able to choose which of their stories we can follow in the game, if they are indeed the next protagonists in the series.

Here's to hoping we see even more teasers drop from Telltale Games in the coming days. What do you think about these short teaser videos? Let us know in the comments.