Just when you thought that the Summer of 2015 couldn't be more overstuffed with blockbusters, they had to go and officially announce 'Terminator 5' with 'Thor: The Dark World' and 'Game of Thrones' director Alan Taylor at the helm. Now, the fifth entry in the iconic time traveling, post-apocalyptic humans vs. robots franchise has a new release date: July 1, 2015.

The last time we heard about this film, it was set for a July 26, 2015 release date, but it looks like someone decided that a slightly more patriotic opening was in order (nothing says 'murica quite like Austrian cyborgs wiping out humanity, we suppose). Although plot details remain tightly under wraps and a script probably isn't finished, it's already been announced that the film will be the first in a new stand-alone trilogy. Original franchise star Arnold Schwarzenegger is rumored to be involved, but the exact nature of his role remains unknown at this time (especially since he's waaay too old to be playing an unstoppable robot).

Considering the general creative and financial failure of 'Terminator: Salvation,' we expect that 'Terminator 5' will probably act as a soft reboot of the franchise, throwing out most of what we already know in favor of beginning anew without any unnecessary baggage. Expect an entire "We Know They Got It Wrong Last Time, So We're Doing It Right Now" campaign to accompany this one.