If last year was the year of the complex, regressive woman with genre-spanning films from 'Bridesmaids' to 'Young Adult' to 'Melancholia,' 2012 is certainly shaping up to be the year of the Douche Bro. Behold: Adam Sandler's latest "effort" (can we even call this an effort anymore?) 'That's My Boy.'

The Todd Phillips' produced 'Project X' is a mostly funny if sometimes mean-spirited and often misogynistic celebration of mini-bros in training. And if this red band trailer courtesy of MTV is any indication, 'That's My Boy' is definitely kicking around in the same frat house.

Sandler plays a washed up has-been, complete with Sandler's trademark quasi-infantile cadence, who's been skipping out on his taxes for the better part of his grimy existence when he discovers that his abandoned son (Andy Samberg) is a wealthy, successful businessman. That's when good ol' absentee dad drops in on his son just before his wedding to siphon some of that respectable cash flow.

'That's My Boy' looks like the male answer to last year's abominable 'What's Your Number', but where that film was a wretched, obnoxious endorsement of slut-shaming, lady-mag culture, 'That's My Boy' looks like an obnoxious celebration of objectifying, misogynist dude-mag culture. There is, however, one glimmer of hope: Ken Marino and David Wain ('Wet Hot American Summer', 'Wanderlust') were brought in for rewrites, and with a supporting cast that includes Kathryn Hahn, 'That's My Boy' might not be so bad.

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