After having gained cult status for your TV work, it must be a pleasant shock for Joss Whedon to have directed the third most successful film of all time. But though 'The Avengers' was a huge hit, that doesn't mean Whedon will stick around for 'The Avengers 2.'

At Comic-con today, Whedon said this at the 'Firefly' reunion panel: “I have not come to a decision on directing 'Avengers 2' yet.” Of course - as to be expected from Whedon - he said it a little jokingly, adding “I am having too much fun with this panel now.” This all comes according to Deadline.

Though this is very little to go on, it does illuminate some things about the already announced sequel. First of all, Whedon didn't sign a multi-picture contract, which means he isn't going to be forced to direct the next one. What that also means is that Marvel - if they want him - is going to have to negotiate to get him, which gives Whedon leverage and (if he takes the job) a sizable paycheck.

As Marvel have been known to work on a budget, that may mean that Whedon could price himself out of the next film. But now that Whedon has some cinematic clout, who's to say if continuing the brand would be as much fun as doing his own thing (it's not like Marvel's making anything but superhero movies, so they can't offer him any other kind of picture). This could go either way.