With the arrival of the film on Blu-ray, it's time to better assess the relative strengths and weakness of 'The Avengers.' Though the film was easily the most entertaining blockbuster of the summer, it's not without its faults. All of which are analyzed in the film's "honest trailer."

This comes from Screenjunkies, and though - like anything like this - the jokes are hit and miss, it does nail some things about the movie that are fair complaints. Like the fact that the first twenty minutes or so aren't that good, and that Earth's mightiest heroes are also made up of Marvel's second stringers. That didn't stop the film from grossing over $600 Million domestically, having the biggest opening weekend of  all time, and is the only film that's come close to challenging a James Cameron movie for box office success.

It will be interesting to see how the film weathers the test of time. We're only four months after its release, and it used to be that films that make huge piles of money lasted in the cultural consciousness. It's hard to say how people will reassess the film now that it can be watched at home, or in ten years when it's possible that the superhero genre will have outstayed its welcome.