Hey, have you heard about this little movie called 'The Avengers'? Oh, you haven't? That's okay. It's not like a lot of people are going it to see it. After all, it only made $80.5 million yesterday.

I mean, let's face the facts, guys...this movie is a complete and total failure. First, it didn't break the midnight record and now it didn't break the $91 million opening day record, both currently held by 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2.' Calling it now, guys. You heard it here first. Box. Office. Bomb.

Joking aside, yes, 'The Avengers' hasn't broken any records (yet). However, anyone who considers these numbers a disappointment in any way is probably a moron (or a producer on the 'Harry Potter' franchise). With 93% on Rotten Tomatoes, an extremely rare A+ CinemaScore and a hook that is attractive for filmgoers from ages eight to eighty, 'The Avengers' is poised to smash the box office like the Hulk smashing a puny alien armada. Internationally, the films has already grossed upwards of $400 million and with the American, Chinese and Russian markets finally getting the film, that number will get even bigger. It's entirely in the realm of possibility that 'The Avengers' will be the rare blockbuster to take in a billion dollars once all of the worldwide receipts have been turned in.

As awesome as these numbers are (and they're awesome enough to help Disney forget the financial sting of 'John Carter' and immediately greenlight whatever Joss Whedon wants to make next), there's a certain prestige that comes with breaking records. Does 'The Avengers' have a shot at toppling the final Potter adventure for the full weekend? Some sites are predicting an opening weekend in the $180 million range, a big step over 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2's $169 million, but we're not so sure. Of course, when the final numbers come in tomorrow, we'll talk all about them in our Weekend Box Office Report.

A decade ago, the first 'Spider-Man' broke records with a $114 million opening. It's only appropriate that another Marvel property continues the trend.