'The Bay' had a small but noteworthy presence at New York Comic-Con 2012, and, along with the folks behind 'Carrie,' 'The Walking Dead,' 'Silent Hill' and the like, held a panel where the crew chatted about the upcoming horror flick and premiered new footage.

While the IGN theater at the Javits Center was filled to the brim with eager fans, folks could check out the happenings directly from the online live stream, but the featured footage was only available to those in attendance. Thankfully, said footage is now available for you to watch.

In 'The Bay,' July 4, 2009 was the day the town of Clabridge, Maryland was hit by a plague-like menace,  which began by leaving thousands of fish floating dead along the shore and ended with 700 human casualties. Nobody knew exactly what happened because of a cover-up by the authorities, but now, three years later, an intrepid reporter reveals previously undiscovered footage featuring the murderous enemy -- a parasitic outbreak.

Aside from the official trailer for 'The Bay,' one other piece of footage has already been released, but now there are two more clips for you to enjoy directly from NYCC. The first, titled "Culprit," features two scientists dissecting one of the dead fish and discovering small carnivorous isopods devouring the animal from the inside. The second, "I Need You to Look," focuses on a Facebook video conversation with one of the affected humans -- a young girl left home alone while boils are taking over her flesh.

Watch both clips that premiered at 'The Bay' NYCC 2012 panel from director Barry Levinson and the producers behind 'Paranormal Activity' below.

Watch "Culprit" from 'The Bay'

Watch "I Need You to Look" from 'The Bay'