An organism that implants itself in your body and eats you from the inside out -- does this describe pregnancy, or the plot of 'The Bay'? The new film from Barry Levinson and the producers of 'Paranormal Activity' and 'Insidious' has an official trailer, and it's a good one.

Obviously comparisons will be drawn between 'The Bay' and 'Cloverfield,' as both heavily feature found footage and an alien organism, but that doesn't mean we're still not excited for 'The Bay,' which released its first official trailer online today. And surprise! We've embedded it for you below because we like you guys.

The film tracks the events following a mysterious breakout in a small Maryland town, where a parasite appears to be eating people from within, turning their skin all black and gnarly and effectively making some of them into zombies, from what this trailer suggests. The trailer also has a neat premise for its found footage conceit in explaining that the government eventually contained the outbreak and worked to eliminate all existing footage of the disaster to keep the public from knowing what happened.

There are some great shots in the trailer for 'The Bay,' including one of the ocean filled with dead fish, and another where a parasite crawls out of a fish's mouth and bites a guy on a boat. So basically what this film is trying to tell us is that all fish in general are bad news. The real baddie, though, as mentioned briefly in the footage is the isopod. If you've never seen an isopod, it's basically a giant sea cockroach, which is totally scary enough to warrant a horror movie about its existence.

'The Bay' stars Kristen Connolly ('The Cabin in the Woods') and Christopher Denham ('Sound of My Voice') and was directed by Academy Award winner Barry Levinson -- three names that should get you immediately interested. Or just watch the trailer: