How strange is it that Barry Levinson, the Academy Award winning director of 'Rain Man' and 'Wag the Dog,' has made a found footage horror movie? Initial raised eyebrows aside, 'The Bay' premiered to rave reviews at the Toronto International Film Festival (where it was an Audience Award runner-up) and it was promptly scooped up by Lionsgate. Now, a new clip from the film has made its way online.

The clip (and the film's trailer) are available in high definition over at Apple Trailers, but we've included an embed below courtesy of Coming Soon if you're in a hurry or something.

'The Bay' seems to be using found footage to tell a story that will be familiar to any horror (or at least anyone who has seen 'Jaws'). Have you heard this one before? Environmental experts visit beach. Environmental experts discover something horrible and deadly. Environmental experts warn small town that something odd is going on. Small town doesn't listen because it's tourist season. Bad things start happening to everyone. Sure, it doesn't sound too unique, but considering the talent involved and the festival reaction, there's surely something else lurking beneath the surface.

The clip itself is free of context, but it still manages to be pretty darn creepy. The footage itself looks more like a tourist's home movies than most modern fount footage films (which tend to look too slick to be shot by "amateurs"), which adds to the gritty reality of the scene. What do you think?

'The Bay' will arrive on November 2.