We're a little less than a month away from 'The Bourne Legacy' so we're starting to see more and more advertising for it. And as is obvious from the title, we're hearing a lot about that Jason Bourne guy. But from this TV spot, it's evident that Jeremy Renner's character is supposedly the better version.

It's interesting to note that the Spider-Man films and the Bourne movies have all come out the same years, but where 'The Amazing Spider-Man' went with a reboot that ignored the previous movies (and partly remade them), this fourth 'Bourne' movie is definitely in that universe, as we're seeing a lot of familiar faces from those films (like Joan Allen and David Strathairn), and the character of Jason Bourne is talked about. A lot.

Which approach is more effective? We'll know for sure on August 10, when 'The Bourne Legacy' hits theaters. And though Jeremy Renner is a great actor, it's hard to know how stepping in Matt Damon's shoes will suit him. And if audiences will wonder "Where's Matt Damon if all they do is keep talking about him?" Perhaps that won't matter if this delivers the action, and it looks like it does, with less of the shakey-cam technique that marked director Paul Greengrass's time at the helm.