The first U.S. trailer for British horror flick 'The Canal' is now online, and it looks like a damn good scary time. It's easy to see how this new film has been impressing audiences on the festival circuit this year, and lucky for you, it's coming to theaters and VOD this October -- 'tis the season for some seriously spooky business.

The U.S. trailer for 'The Canal' comes courtesy of Shock Till You Drop, and if you were looking for some really original horror this October, it looks like 'The Canal' is just that. Directed by Ivan Kavanagh, the film features 'Hellboy' star Rupert Evans and 'Sightseers' star Steve Oram in this twisted tale of one man losing his grip on reality -- or is he?

David (Evans) is a film archivist who believes he has a wonderful life with his wife and son, but while watching some grainy old footage one day, he discovers that his perfect home was the site of a grisly murder. At first, David dismisses the revelation, but that terrifying bit of history soon consumes his life, and when he suspects his wife of having an affair, his sanity begins to slip away -- is he being haunted by sinister forces or descending into madness?

The answer lies in 'The Canal,' which will get a limited theatrical release and hit iTunes and VOD on October 10. Hold onto your pants, 'cause this movie looks like it's going to scare them right off.