No no, go ahead.  Re-read that headline as many times as it takes for the information to sink in.  We certainly had to take a little time with it.  But once you've managed to wrap your head around the notion, and taken enough time to recover from the whiplash of going from Jennifer Love Hewitt's cleavage to Betty White, juicy 'The Client List' scoop awaits you.

People reports that Jennifer Love Hewitt's racy Lifetime drama 'The Client List' is going to get a very happy ending, having picked up 'Golden Girl' and America's eldest sweetheart Betty White for the show's first season finale.  In an episode directed by Hewitt herself, White will play the wife of one of Riley (Hewitt)'s clients who has some advice to offer about making a marriage last, as the single mom finds herself in charge of the spa for the first time.

For those who haven't kept up with the Lifetime series, Jennifer Love Hewitt stars as single mother Riley Parks, a masseuse at "The Rub of Sugar Land," a day spa in Texas that offers as People puts it, "a little more than standard massage therapy."  The show originated as a Lifetime TV movie, before spinning off into its own series, and attracting a good deal of attention not only for its content, but for Lifetime's backpedaling efforts to town down their more risqué ad campaign.

What say you?  Could Betty White find herself right at home on 'The Client List,' or will you be too busy looking down Jennifer Love Hewitt's blouse to notice?  Tell us your take on this bizarre casting in the comments below!

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