When you watch the trailer for The Cobbler, you may be waiting for the Funny or Die logo to appear. But it doesn’t appear. Because The Cobbler is, against all odds, a real movie. Not only is it real, it is a movie directed by Tom McCarthy, a filmmaker with a strong track record. Then again, the man responsible for lovely little movies like The Station Agent and The Visitor was bound to make a disaster eventually. McCarthy’s disaster appears to be an Adam Sandler comedy about a magical shoemaker.

We will say this much: it is totally unfair to judge a movie based on its trailer. However, we saw the movie at the Toronto Film Festival and, as our review says, it's “bone-headedly awful.” Jumping between casually inane and uniquely bonkers at a moment’s notice, The Cobbler looks like a real trainwreck ... albeit, a trainwreck that seems like it has to be seen to be believed. Seriously, how is this a real movie?

Sandler plays the title character, a shoemaker who discovers a magical sewing machine that lets him become another person by wearing their shoes. Yes, this film literalizes the concept of walking in another person’s shoes to better understand them. And yes, he ultimately has to use his newfound power to defeat evil land developers.

And no, you weren’t dreaming when Dustin Hoffman tells Sandler: “You are the guardian of souls [soles]. You are the Cobbler.” Double yikes.

The Cobbler opens in theaters on March 15.

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