Often the best way to make fans happy with a reboot/new version of something old is to respect what came before it by involving the original creator(s) with the update. And 'The Crow' reboot has done just that by hiring comic book writer James O'Barr (who created the character) as a consultant for the upcoming film.

The new version of 'The Crow,' which is headlined by 'Fast and Furious 6' star Luke Evans and will be directed by F. Javier Gutierrez, is set to begin production next year, but the film is coming Comic-Con 2013, with O'Barr and Gutierrez there to hype the film according to Variety. The cynical side of us can't help but note the timing, and perhaps O'Barr was brought on the project so it would get a more favorable response at the San Diego convention, but it's still a smart thing to do regardless.

When 'The Crow' came out in 1994, its success, which was partly because of the tragic passing of its leading man, Brandon Lee, was a shock as comic book movies were not the driving passion of Hollywood yet. But that success led to far too many spinoff movies, many of which went straight to video, and the character became second-rate. So it's one of the rare comic book movies that truly deserves a rebooting.