You won't be getting that Director's Cut you so desired when you pick up your DVD or Blu-ray of 'The Dark Knight Rises,' but at least now we know when you'll be picking it up. Warner Bros. has revealed - in blink-and-you'll-miss-it fashion - the home-video release date for Christopher Nolan's' final installment in the bat franchise. Commence calendar-marking!

Warners' official YouTube page was updated yesterday with a home-video trailer for the film (seen below), and while the date isn't announced in the trailer itself, the text below the video states 'Own it on Blu-ray Combo Pack or Digital Download 12/3'.

Naturally, an official press release listing all the disc's juicy supplements and goodies is likely forthcoming, but at the moment we'll just have to make due with the date itself. Interesting that Warner Bros. is foregoing the usual pre-Thanksgiving release slot that so many studios stake out for their high-profile DVDs (the better to capitalize on those Black Friday sales), but then again, when it comes to a film like 'The Dark Knight Rises,' they don't need to worry about drumming up business.