After years of waiting, Christopher Nolan's 'The Dark Knight Rises' is less than two weeks away from hitting theaters, ending world hunger, curing cancer and discovering a infinitely renewable energy source (but the absurd amount of hype around the film may be causing us to exaggerate there). A new 13 minute featurette about the making of the film has hit and if you need just a little more convincing or just want to whet your bat-etite (see what we did there?) for the 20th, you should scroll down and click play.

The usual rules apply here: while the video doesn't present any overt spoilers for 'The Dark Knight Rises,' it does go into a little more detail than any of the trailers, so tread carefully if you want to go into this one as blind as possible. Even with the extended length, the featurette feels all-too-brief, a tease for a movie that may very well give 'The Avengers' a run for its money as the biggest superhero movie of the year.

'The Dark Knight Rises' opens on July 20th. You better grab those IMAX tickets ASAP.