'The Dark Knight Rises' is nearly here. We're just about two weeks away, and it comes with excitement and with some sense of melancholy. Here's the latest poster for the IMAX release of the film, and an additional viral poster.

Here's the full IMAX poster:

And here's the new viral poster:

What's sad about the release of 'TDKR' is that the summer will virtually be over when it comes out, at least movie season-wise. A film like 'The Watch' or 'The Bourne Legacy' might be pretty killer, but they come with caveats, and less fevered advance ticket purchases. 'The Dark Knight Rises' is the last truly big title of summer 2012. It's also Christopher Nolan's last film in the franchise and it sounds like it ends definitively.

We'll know more for sure shortly, but Warner Brothers (likely according to Nolan's wishes) has been playing this one close to the vest. For instance, Marion Cotillard is one of the higher-billed actors in the film, and we haven't seen much more than a brief glimpse of her. How big a role she plays, and if she is Ra's Al Ghul's daughter (as has been previously rumored) are still unknown.

And going by our recent Batman-centric posts, we're about to hit the deluge point. What secrets the end of the series holds will be public knowledge soon, but hopefully not because of jerks just looking to spoil the film.