Yesterday marked the beginning of the end of 'The Dark Knight Rises,' as all the stars and crew behind the final Christopher Nolan-directed Batman trilogy came out to New York City yesterday for the premiere. And what better location to host the 'Dark Knight Rises' premiere than the so named real-life city of Gotham.

The folks at Cinema Blend snagged some footage from 'The Dark Knight Rises' premiere, which features interview snippets with a number of the cast members.

It was a "bittersweet" moment, remarked Christian Bale and Gary Oldman, referring to the fact that the majority of the cast has spent the last eight years together churning out these films. But we don't think we'll be seeing the last of this team.

As Joseph Gordon-Levitt said, they've become a family and Nolan tends to keep his family around him, "both the crew and the cast." For one, Levitt was asked to participate in the Batman flick after starring in Nolan's 'Inception.' What do you say? You want to see this same team reunite again in the future?

'The Dark Knight Rises' makes its theatrical debut this Friday, and you can check out photos from the New York premiere below.