You know that movie about the guy who stole McDonald’s away from two brothers and made it into a billion-dollar international burger chain? The Founder stars Michael Keaton as the titular founder Ray Kroc, and co-stars Laura Dern and Linda Cardellini as his first and second wives, respectively, and John Carroll Lynch and Nick Offerman as Mac and Dick McDonald. It was originally slated for an August release to compete with Suicide Squad, but then was moved back to a December limited release before going wide on January. Los Angeles fans of McDonald’s and biopics alike can rejoice, because The Founder will open Wednesday, December 7 in an extra-extra limited release at the Arclight Hollywood for one week.

According to Deadline, the earlier-than-expected opening may help The Founder’s awards chances. It was originally delayed until December to possibly compete a little better with all the other contenders, perhaps so that critics and Academy members would have it fresh in their minds when voting time comes. Harvey Weinstein spoke about the film’s relevance in a statement:

This film has a unique relevance to our current times. You have a persistent and, at times, calculating entrepreneur representing both the best and worst of American businessmen and who ultimately created the fast food industry as we know it today.  It’s up to audiences to determine if he’s a visionary, an opportunist or a crook and how that fits in our society.  I think everyone is going to want to see this story and ultimately decide for themselves.

The Founder’s limited release starts on December 16, and goes wide January 20.