Hailed as the next big thing in the lurid tradition of airport paperback that spawned best-selling successes such as Gone GirlThe Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and a few novels that weren’t adapted by David Fincher, The Girl on the Train arrives as this fall’s hottest release. The new Girl in town, directed by Tate Taylor of The Help and Get On Up regard, stars Emily Blunt as Rachel, a woman consumed with a strange obsession, borne from a sensation not unfamiliar to anyone who’s ever taken public transportation. She becomes transfixed on a couple she sees every day, inventing complete lives for them and fantasizing about what they do after they depart the platform. When the unnamed woman goes missing, however, Rachel loses sight of herself in the ensuing investigation.

The first trailer for the eagerly anticipated adaptation has now surfaced online for the public’s viewing pleasure, providing a first taste of the twisting, turning psychological thriller. Though the action has been moved from the original novel’s London to New York, Blunt has retained her English accent. It looks as if she’ll deliver a triumphant follow-up display of acting prowess to best last fall’s excellent, complex Sicario, with supporting performances from Justin Theroux, Allison Janney, Rebecca Ferguson, and Édgar Ramirez all generating interest as well.

This trailer does seem to have a bad case of Explainthewholeplot-itis, clearly framing up a mentally unwell Rachel as the kidnapper/killer/what-have-you. But perhaps that’s only what they want us to think! Making the late-game twist upon which the movie hinges so obvious in the trailer could be distraction for a different, other twist.Or maybe that’s what they want us to think, so that we’ll still be surprised when the twist was exactly what it appeared to be in the first place. The game is afoot!

The Girl on the Train opens in theaters on October 7.

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