After the runaway success of 'The Lorax,' it's no surprise we're going to get more Dr. Seuss-derived animated movies. Next on dock from the makers of 'Lorax' and 'Horton Hears a Who' is 'The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.'

This news comes from Variety, and what may be a little surprising about this is that there was a live action version made of 'The Grinch' in 2000 by Ron Howard, and that was a runaway success. On top of which the story was adapted by Chuck Jones into animated form in the 60's in a version that used to show annually on network television. This will feature computer animation, so it's at least a little different, and it's not like people will be offended by this remake/reboot.

Currently the project is to be helmed by Peter Candeland, who's been in animation for two decades, but this is his big leap to the director's chair. No release date is set, and there's no writer attached, but this is going to come out in the winter regardless, so expect it in 2014 if they can act quickly or 2015 if they can't.

Though it has its fans, we thought the Ron Howard live action version was pretty miserable, so this doesn't offend us. That said, they'd be better served remaking the execrable live action version of 'The Cat and the Hat' that starred Mike Myers. If there's a handful of people who think a third version of 'The Grinch' is overkill, there's no one who's going to defend the live action 'Cat in the Hat.'

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