The first official 'The Internship' trailer has arrived, featuring Vince Vaughn, Owen Wilson, and the colorful world of Google. And it's actually funny!

Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson take their signature overgrown frat guy routine to Google in the upcoming film 'The Internship.' Two friends are out of a job thanks to the expanding world of technology, so they talk their way into an internship at Google, one of the best, most powerful tech companies in the world.

It's your basic fish out of water concept tooled for the modern age, with Aasif Mandvi ('The Daily Show') starring as their boss, thick Indian accent and all. The pair navigate the geeky world of Google and try to stake a claim for themselves among their much younger colleagues.

We were a bit wary about the premise, which sounds like your typical Vaughn/Wilson comedy schtick, but the trailer below shows promise, particularly with a great supporting cast that includes Rose Byrne, BJ Novak ('The Office'), and Max Minghella. And there's a great bit at the end where their new co-workers send the guys off to look for Professor Charles Xavier, a wheelchair-bound bald man at a local college. The results are hilarious.

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