Now that we finally know who killed Rosie Larsen, only one true question remains of AMC's 'The Killing.'  Most important of all, will we see a third season?  The murder that spanned a full two seasons has been thoroughly wrapped up, without much suggestion of a future case, and AMC hasn't said anything yet, so who can we turn to?  Series star Joel Kinnaman weighed in recently, and what he had to say might be the most shocking twist of all.

Talking to TVLine after the airing of 'The Killing's second season finale "What I Know," in which the true murderer of Rosie Larsen was revealed, Joel Kinnaman (Holder) weighed in on his hopes to continue with a third series of the AMC procedural.  “We’ve invested a lot in these characters and want to see how they continue their journey.  I feel like Linden and Holder [are] just [getting] started," says Kinnaman.

Of course to continue on with the exploits of Detectives Linden and Holder would presumably mean the exploration of a brand new case, the likes of which we've not experienced on the show before.  Noting that in effect, "the series would have to reboot itself," Kinnaman explains “It’s like the first season [of a show], where it [would] be original material and not based on the Danish [series] anymore.”  Fans of the original Danish series 'Forbrydelsen' know that the series did manage to continue several seasons past solving its initial murder, which was the basis for 'The Killing's Rosie Larsen case.

Kinnaman also explained to TVLine that were AMC to pick up the series for a third season, Mireille Enos would almost certainly return as Detective Linden no matter what season 2 finale "What I Know" implied, as “I imagine that there would be a new case, and that Linden’s obsessive nature is not going to keep her away from police work for too long. “

AMC has yet to announce a decision on a third season of 'The Killing,' whose ratings have remained fairly consistent, if unimpressive.  If the series closes after two seasons, AMC certainly has plenty of other upcoming pilots to fill the void.

What say you?  Would you stick around for another season of 'The Killing' now that Rosie Larsen's murder has been solved?  Is the show best left beaten and bound in a trunk, sent to a watery grave?  Give us your take on 'The Killing' season 2 in the comments below!