Just a couple of days ago we brought you the first poster for 'The Last Stand,' the upcoming actioner starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. And now we're very pleased to bring you the first official trailer, which packs all the guns, car chases, and explosions you've been anticipating.

Forget 'The Expendables 2,' and forget Arnold's tenure as the Governator of California. Schwarzenegger is back in this trailer for 'The Last Stand,' from Korean director Kim Jee-Woon ('I Saw the Devil'). Kim makes his US directorial debut in this thrilling action flick starring the legendary Schwarzenegger as Sheriff Owens, a man who joins the police force in a small town following a huge LAPD operation that left his partner crippled and riddled him with guilt and regret.

When a dangerous and insane criminal escapes an FBI escort and makes a break for the border in a specially equipped car going 200 mph with a hostage and his cavalry of baddies in tow, the FBI isn't so sure Sheriff Owens has what it takes to help stop this mad man as he approaches the small town, which just so happens to be the last stand before the border.

But Owens has something to prove, and he's going to do it with guns blazing.

'The Last Stand' co-stars Zach Gilford, Peter Stormare, Luis Guzman, and Johnny Knoxville and hits theaters in January 2013.