RZA's directorial debut 'The Man with the Iron Fists' will be hitting theaters November 2, and Universal is gearing up to get you familiar with all the main players. Yesterday they released a teaser for Cung Le's character The Bronze Lion, and today they want you acquainted with Lucy Liu's Madame Blossom, while RZA has stepped up to talk about the movie.

RZA's directorial debut has such an eclectic mix of people behind and in front of the camera that we'd be surprised if it isn't - at the very least - fascinating. Between RZA's writing (with Eli Roth) and directing the picture, he's got Liu, Cung Le, Rick Yune, Russell Crowe and himself as his leads. Throw in Quentin Tarantino "presenting" and we're in. That Oscar winner Crowe is in this boggles our minds, and it looks like he's having fun to boot.

And below in the featurette RZA describes this as the greatest climax of his life. As so much of The Wu-Tang Clan, and RZA's side projects have referenced classic samurai and kung-fu movies, there's no doubt that this has long been a dream of RZA's to make. Hopefully he pulled it off. We'll know November 2.

Here's the Liu-centric teaser:

And here's RZA talking about the film:

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