HBO’s Girls rarely telegraphs what to expect with each coming year, but with Season 5 already in production in New York, the first set photos have yielded some surprising turns. Elementary star Lucy Liu (and possibly Jonny Lee Miller?) will guest star in the new Girls season, as Adam seemingly takes a small role on a procedural.

Entertainment Weekly observed a few photos of Girls Season 5 production, among them the regular cast of Lena Dunham, Jemima Kirke, a very wet-looking Allison Williams, while a disheveled Adam Driver is distinctly visible acting opposite Lucy Liu, and a man who appears from behind to be Liu’s Elementary co-star Jonny Lee Miller.

Mind you, Miller isn’t explicitly visible in the photos, nor would HBO confirm or deny either appearance, though Elementary (or at least TV) seems a likely career extension for the Adam character. Also perhaps worth noting are the gun and badge visible on Liu’s hip, which could suggest against Elementary, in favor of a generic cop show.

Thus far, relatively little is known of Girls’ fifth season, though Hannah, Jessa, Marnie and Shoshanna are expected to pick up with the scant Season 4 timejump that saw Hannah turning down Adam’s renewed interest, and continuing a relationship with Jake Lacy’s teacher character Fran. Dunham has also spoken to a possibility that Girls may close up shop after a sixth season, though no decisions have yet been made.

You can see more photos of the cast at the link above, but how does Girls Season 5 look to be shaping up, with Driver’s Star Wars duties still allowing him a regular HBO presence?

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