One movie fan realized his mom had never seen 'The Matrix' so he sat her down and showed her the movie. Afterward she told him what it was all about (at least according to her). Hopefully this mom, who adorably attempts to recap the crazy plot twists of 'The Matrix' is ready for her fifteen minutes of fame (and her eternity as a YouTube celebrity).

In the video below, you'll hear some guy's poor mom give a recap of the 1999 sci-fi brain-twister, which she's all too read to admit she didn't quite understand. Making things even more difficult for the woman is the fact that she evidently didn't watch at least 25% of the movie, since she covers her eyes during any sequence involving violence. Yeah, she missed quite a bit.

The mischievous creator of the video helps mom's narrative along with some crude, but admittedly funny, animation.

Just try and not think of "Moshimo" the next time you sit down for 'The Matrix'.