Though it seemed preposterous only a year ago, 'Back to the Future' star Michael J. Fox will soon return to TV full time this fall with NBC's aptly titled 'The Michael J. Fox Show.' The series itself won't actually premiere until September 26, behind the 'Parks and Recreation' season 6 debut, but NBC has offered up an inside look into the new series so the actor can speak in his words about the decision to return to the spotlight.

For those unfamiliar with the series, 'The Michael J. Fox Show' sees the former 'Family Ties' lead in the role of Mike Henry, an NBC news anchor diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease who makes the decision to return to work. 'Breaking Bad' star Betsy Brandt portrays Mike's frustrated wife, Annie Henry, while the series also stars 'The Wire' vet Wendell Pierce as Henry’s former boss. Anne Heche recently joined the series as Mike's anchor rival Susan Rodriguez-Jones.

"The reason I'm doing the show now is because I've found myself working more the last few years, and enjoying it a lot, and finally coming to a realization that this is what I do," says Fox in the video. "I have challenges that come with Parkinson's, but my experience is to deal with things through humor."

Get an inside look at 'The Michael J. Fox Show' in the video above, and tell us if you'll tune in for the hourlong September 26 premiere in the comments!