It's good news for the ladies and moderately troubling news for the men, as FOX has extended an impressive amount of faith in its freshman comedy 'The Mindy Project, while ABC seems hesitant to get too deep in the water with either naval drama 'Last Resort,' or sexy supernatural thriller '666 Park Avenue.'  All three have recieved additional orders from their respective networks, but who has reason to be worried about their first seasons?

We might be crossing networks here, but hey, it's Friday!  And Friday's good news for one might be troubling news for two more.  We've just learned that FOX has given an additional 2 episodes for 'Office' alum Mindy Kaling's 'The Mindy Project,' in addition to the full season order it already had in place.  Previously 'The Mindy Project' has 22 episodes ordered for its first season, which the network has now swelled to a meaty 24.

ABC's 'Last Resort' and '666 Park Avenue' on the other hand don't quite have it so lucky.  Neither drama series has received a full season "back-9" order, though the network has displayed some measure of faith in the shows by ordering two additional scripts for each.  A similar deal was earlier afforded to the maligned alien comedy 'The Neighbors,' ordering three additional scripts.

Neither 'Last Resort' nor '666 Park Avenue' have particularly caught fire in the ratings, though 'Resort' in its pilot at least turned heads critically.  What do you think?  Are you happy to have more 'The Mindy Project' and a glimmer of hope for the ABC dramas?

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