Human actors aren't the only ones capable of cracking up or flubbing a line on set -- turns out Muppets do it too. Watch the cast of 'The Muppets' cut up in the longest blooper real ever.

Stars Jason Segel, Amy Adams, Chris Cooper, Walter, and the whole Muppet gang get pretty goofy in this blooper reel from last year's 'The Muppets.' It's touted as the longest blooper reel ever -- at least in the history of the Muppets.

The video runs 8 minutes, 34 seconds, and features the cast getting into some shenanigans on set. They forget lines, crack up inappropriately, and get all kinds of silly while shooting last year's comeback film.

While the Muppets are certainly delightful enough to experience when they're getting their scenes right, there's something even more joyful here as they show us what a blast they had making the movie -- it makes the film that much more special, knowing that everyone involved was having the best time while making sure you had the best time possible at the theater.

And all that positive energy paid off in spades because 'The Muppets' was the most joyous film to hit theaters last year.