Though most of the initial concerns have subsided, 'The Office's main stars in place for next season and a guaranteed 22-episode renewal, a few questions still remain over the fate of the long-running NBC comedy.  With Mindy Kaling confirmed to exit for her new FOX sitcom 'The Mindy Project,' and 'The Office' still in need of a show-runner after Paul Lieberstein stepped down, who might step in for the job, and what past experience could he have?

According to the New York Times, 'The Office' has gone back to its roots by tapping executive producer Greg Daniels to fill the vacant show-runner position left by series star and fellow producer Paul Lieberstein.  Lieberstein had previously taken the slot from Daniels after the end of the show's fifth season.  According to Daily News:

The importance of comedy was underlined by NBC executives’ efforts to shore up 'The Office,' a mainstay of its Thursday sitcom block. After protracted negotiations, 'The Office' will return with most of its cast intact for what may be one last season, and its creator, Greg Daniels, will be back at work, too.

Mr. Daniels, the original supervisor for 'The Office,' is expected to return in a hands-on capacity, Robert Greenblatt, chairman of NBC Entertainment, said in an interview. (Paul Lieberstein left that role at the end of last season.)

Lieberstein will still maintain light acting duties on the show, eventually departing to manage the Rainn Wilson spin-off, tentatively titled 'The Farm.'  Of all the 'Office' producers, only series star B.J. Novak has yet to lock down his contract, also taking on executive producing duties for creative partner Mindy Kaling's new series.

What say you?  Could 'The Office' have a bit of that old magic back if indeed Daniels steps back up to take show-running duties full time?  Can anything save 'The Office' at this point?  File your complaints and praise using the specified forms in the comments below!