What do you do when your star has left you and your replacements haven't worked out, and much of your cast is ready to move on? That's the question faced by the makers of the American version of 'The Office,' and their answer - after losing Steve Carell, and facing losing Rainn Wilson and Mindy Kahling - is cinematic. Reboot.

As Deadline Hollywood notes, this year the cast could not only lose Wilson, but also John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer, Ed Helms and B.J. Novak. But the show has been going a long time and is one of the anchors of NBC's Thursday night. So what do you do? Executive producer Greg Daniels is up for starting over, so say Deadline.

This could be a way to get one more season, but it could be a way to find more life in the material. The workplace comedy is often comedy gold, it's been for years, and there are ways to tweak it that could be interesting. Unfortunately rebooting is one of the bigger problems with Hollywood these days - branding has becomes more important than creating something new. This is still in negotiations, so anything is possible at this point. Unfortunately going out strong no longer seems an option for the show.