For the moment we're going to pretend that 'The Farm' isn't actually a thing, and that Thursday, September 24 will really see the premiere of 'The Office's ninth and final season.  No longer will we wonder what the next stage of Jim and Pam's relationship will be, what new insanity Dwight Schrute will concoct, or even how poorly Andy fills the void left by Michael Scott.  Instead, before the new guys get into some "Office Bullying" tomorrow night, wouldn't you like to fondly remember the best moments of the last eight years?  Break out the tissues!

Don't bother Netflix-ing through the entire eight years of 'The Office' as preparation for the show's farewell season, thanks to an exclusive video from TVLine that joyously, and heart-breakingly cuts through the last eight seasons to remind us of everything we love about the UK-adapted office minutia series.

You won't find any new footage from the three minute clip, but you might just remember all the old moments that made you fall in love with the series in the first place.  Be it the early days of Jim and Pam, Michael Scott's bittersweet exit, or even Meredith's fiery hair, the new clip has something for everyone to clam up at.

So before 'The Office' starts heading down the road of its farewell year, sure to be full of character cameos and exits alike, check out the below video, and tell us some of your favorite 'The Office' memories in the comments!