While many believe 'The Office' should have ended with Steve Carell's departure, or at least been put out of its misery following the poorly-received eighth season, there's no stopping now that the show has officially declared the current season to be the last. To that end, the series has plotted a number of resolutions to its longest running-arcs, but how will the series actually end? Series star Rainn Wilson has a few new details to offer, including a surprising twist!

For as long as 'The Office' has aired, we've seen fleeting references to the documentary crew following the characters around, which will finally be addressed by the close of the NBC comedy's final season. Series star Rainn Wilson recently spoke to Entertainment Weekly about that reveal and how it plays into the final episodes of the season, saying “I will say that the documentary gets shown, and the characters get to watch it and see what effect it has on their lives. So it’s really interesting.”

But more than that, Wilson half-jokingly teased Dwight's end, which could see the sometime beet farmer finally promoted to Regional Manager of Dunder Mifflin! For real, this time! “I think Dwight finally gets promoted to manager, and he is so excited that his head explodes, and the series is going to end with Dwight’s head exploding onto the camera," said Wilson. "Brains, the whole thing.”

Kidding or no, it would be interesting to see if Dwight finally takes the big job, now that we know Schrute-centric spin-off 'The Farm' isn't going forward. How do you think 'The Office' will end? Give us your predictions in the comments!