When we last left the Dunder-Mifflin branch at the end of season 8, Andy was put in charge, while Dwight Shrute waited to find out if Angela's baby was his. As we go into the final season of 'The Office,' we're hoping that giving the show an end point will re-energize everyone as we head into the ninth season with the addition of some new cast players, a few of the regular cast already departing, and with the upcoming set-up of the spin-off show 'The Farm.'

So how does the season premiere turn out? Read on for our in-depth recap of season 9 premiere "New Guys."

The show opens with Kelly announcing that Andy's coming back today with an excitement in her heart. Andy was on a wilderness adventure to help with his leadership skills (with a bunch of kids). Dwight says his summer was mixed, but he made a power drink made out of beet run-off, and reveals that he isn't the father of Angela's baby (which makes him throw up his power drink). Kevin's summer involved running over a turtle, only to glue the shell poorly back together, but it turns out the turtle was already dead.

Jim and Pam talk about their kids, while Jim reveals his college friend has invited him to be a part of a new company, but that he wouldn't move because of the family. Yeah, no regrets there. Kelly Capour is out because of her new show... er, because of her fiance got a job at Miami University, but Mindy Kaling stops by for a brief appearance to give everyone her warm coats, only for Toby to reveal it's Miami University in Ohio. Toby also reveals that Ryan quit to move to Ohio for "unrelated reasons." B.J. Novak also deigns to make an appearance to say that he thinks Ohio will be the next Silicon Valley. At the end of Jim and Pam's interview, they ask if the documentarians have enough footage, and the filmmakers reveal they're mostly following Jim and Pam to see how they turn out. Meta. Pam suggests that no more interesting things are going to happen to them, and Jim makes a sad face. Foreshadowing.

Kelly's still excited about Andy's return, and she waits at the window like a puppy, while we're introduced to the two new guys who are hanging with Toby, and who Stanley calls "The new Jim and Dwight," which Jim doesn't care for. Andy arrives, and jokes that he thought Nellie died, and asks to see her in his office later. The new guys, Clark and Pete, are introduced and Andy nicknames Fart and Plop, but Clark already has the nickname Dwight Jr., and Andy takes to that right away suggesting the two could be father and son. Dwight takes a liking to fatherhood and agrees to the nickname, which makes Angela role her eyes.

Angela has to give one of her cats up for adoption, and she shows off one of her cat videos of him, which is scored to Tifany's "Eternal Flame." Kevin says he'll take him, but Angela wants Oscar to take the cat, only for Oscar to say he's a dog person.

Andy then asks Toby why Nellie is still working at the company, and is told he can't fire her without cause. Dwight praises Clark for eating, and offers Clark tickets to a Slayer concert, and generally makes Clark uncomfortable as he thinks Dwight is hitting on him. But when Clark asks to help with clients, it sends Dwight running paranoid.

Dwight tries to convince Jim that Clark wants his job, which leads to Jim messing with Dwight's head. Angela pimps her cat to the office, and she asks for 20 minutes for interviews. Andy brings in Nellie to his office to tell her that he's going to be a capital B to her if she sticks around. Andy also sets up a slackline to embarrass some of his workers. As they wait to see people walk the mini-tightrope, Jim finds he has nothing in common with Pete. Andy gets Nellie up on the line, only to push her off. Clark gets up on the line and masters it, which gets Dwight on the rope, only to fail miserably -- repeatedly -- which makes Toby call it off.

Dwight then starts a construction project to get his revenge, and Pam finds him on the building's roof where he's built a bicycle to ride a wire. Pete interviews with Angela for the cat, which reveals he wants to be a millionaire, but hasn't really figured things out yet. Such gets Jim to suggest that if he doesn't watch himself, he'll be at the company for years doing nothing, and realizes his own failure. Dwight wants Pam to be his counter-weight, and Dwight tries to goad her into it by saying her life is boring. When Angela reveals that the cat is her husband's favorite (giving it up is the only time he's cried since their wedding night), Oscar relents and takes the cat, which he'll pick up after work. Then we overhear Oscar saying he's having dinner with Angela's husband.

As the work day ends, Jim sticks around for a moment saying he has to make a phone call which is to his college friend about his new business and says he's in. Dwight does his bike trick only to fail miserably, and has to be rescued by the fire department. Creed sums the day up by saying that he laughed and he cried.

For the stinger, Nellie's office has been filled with the recyling containers, which leads to her coworkers throwing things at her.

There's a sense of relief that this is coming to an end, but this episode had so much business to take care of in setting up the new guys and talking about the leaving cast members, that it proved acceptable but not exceptional. The wheels are in motion to close things out for Jim and Pam, and that's the good news, but this was more set up than pay off. Hopefully the rest of the season pays off. But what did you think? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.