While we lament that Steve Carell isn't around anymore to play off of his former 'The Daily Show' correspondent, tonight will mark one of the best 'The Office' castings to date, when 'The Colbert Report' host Stephen Colbert drops by Dunder-Mifflin as Andy's old band-mate Broccoli Rob for the NBC sitcom's Halloween episode 'Here Comes Treble.'  Of course, Colbert will have plenty of tension with fellow former co-star Ed Helms as well, so how would you like a first look?

Terrifying treble and broccoli are among the scares present for tonight's all new installment of 'The Office,' "Here Comes Treble."  Among the typical Halloween 'Office' festivities, 'The Colbert Report' star Stephen Colbert will drop by Scranton for an appearance as "Broccoli Rob," Andy Bernard's old "Here Comes Treble" band-mate!  It would seem their friendly rivalry hasn't improved over the years, judging by the official clip courtesy of Entertainment Weekly.

In the below sneak peek, Andy argues with his former band-mate via Skype, challenging one-another to a sing-off!  Of course, we're hoping that Colbert's appearance won't be purely over Skype, but we'll find out in tonight's all-new episode.

Check out the clip below from tonight's 'The Office' Halloween effort "Here Comes Treble," and tell us what you think of Stephen Colbert's appearance in the comments!