Like it or not, 'The Office' spin-off 'The Farm' has just moved one step closer to reality.  Earlier we'd read a bit about the potential characters that would populate the Dwight Schrute-centric spin-off, and now the series has moved forward in casting a few relatives of the agriculture-savvy paper salesman.  Dwight's sister and nephew will first debut in an episode of 'The Office' season 9, but who nabbed the roles?

According to TVLine, the Schrute brood just got a bit bigger.  'Roswell' star Manjandra Delfino will take the role of Dwight's sister Fannie, while 'New Girl's Blake Garret will play her son Cameron, should NBC decide to move forward with the series.  If nothing else, the characters will initially appear, along with the uncast "Jeb," in an upcoming episode of 'The Office.'

According to descriptions, Delfino's Fannie (heh, fanny) departed life on the Schrute farm for Boston as soon as possible, and hasn't had much to do with her roots for quite some time. Now divorced with one son (Garrett’s Cameron), she is described as “a bit of a pseudo-intellectual lefty with an ironic sense of humor and a great heart."

‘The Farm’ will debut as an episode of ‘The Office’s upcoming ninth season, before NBC decides whether or not to pick up the spin-off to series.  Reportedly, ‘The Farm’ will feature Dwight and his family inheriting a family farm/bed-and-breakfast, to which he must convince his brother and sister to join him in running.

Casting still continues on Dwight's thirty-something brother Jeb, as well as his great-uncle Henrich, but in the meantime what say you?  Do you think 'The Farm' (a tentative title) can work as a series?  Tell us what you thing of the latest casting in the comments!

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