Ready At Dawn Studios (primarily known for working on PSP ports of pre-existing titles) debuted its new IP, The Order: 1886, with its first trailer during Sony's press event. The footage hints that this PlayStation 4 exclusive will have 19th-century monster hunters taking down the creepy crawlies of the night with advanced, steampunk-like weaponry.

As seen in the trailer, the turn of the century is an obvious theme Ready At Dawn is playing with. Focusing on both the horse-drawn carriage and advanced train system foreshadows the arsenal of those in The Order. The weaponry used in the trailer is oddly reminiscent of both the Men in Black and Van Helsing films, as players shoot their way through hordes of unknown terrors with weapons that are far beyond the technological capabilities of the time. Ready At Dawn claims the in-game models and cutscene models are one and the same, giving us hope to how good the gameplay will actually look.

The Order: 1886's unique brand of steampunk and Victorian-era monster hunting will be closely followed until it debuts in 2014 exclusively on the PlayStation 4.