Man vs. machine. It's a theme that's been in science fiction movies for decades and one that never seems to get old. From the menacing Gort to the unstoppable Terminator, androids and robots are the stuff that kids dream about and get to live through in the movies. Now we've got one more android to look forward to seeing on the big screen thanks to the creators of 'Act of Valor.'

Deadline is reporting that the Bandito Brothers are hard at work on a followup to 'Act of Valor' called 'The Prototype,' a movie written and to be directed by Andrew Will with his producing partner Shawn Wallace. The story is about an escaped prototype robot from a military facility, being hunted by the government (with Neal McDonough) and its creator. The Prototype robot itself looks like a cross between The Iron Giant and one of the characters from Shane Acker's animated film '9.'

A teaser showing execs what the film's look and tone will be has been leaked online and while it's standard cookie cutter stuff -- quick edits, guys in black, etc. it does look rather impressive. They're going to have $40 million bucks to make a full-length feature film out of it, and apparently their phones are ringing off the hook.