Not content to dominate the world through both Instagram and Twitter (and movies and television shows and wrestling guest appearances and talk show appearances and pretty much everything else), Dwayne Johnson has announced plans to launch his own YouTube channel on July 18 of this year. If the above video is to be believed, Johnson’s inner monologue is also the staging ground of an epic YA adventure movie. Sounds good to us.

YouTube seems like a perfect fit for Johnson, who has already made a habit of thrilling his social media followers with upcoming movie announcements and tips on a healthy and active lifestyle. This new channel will, we assume, provide Johnson with a platform to share new trailers and video announcements directly. We may also be privileged with the occasional workout video or meal plan as Johnson eats his customary 85 pounds of cod a day (that number might be a slight exaggeration).

Perhaps the most fun part of the video, though, is a joke at the end where Johnson quips about needing to clear his browser history. Now inquiring minds need to know: what doesn’t Johnson want the world to see? Are there countless Google searches dedicated to finding out who is funnier, Johnson or Arnold Schwarzenegger? Did Johnson also search to see who would win in a fight, himself or The Mountain from Game of Thrones? Fingers crossed that the internet will provide answers to the #CanYouSmellWhatTheRockIsBrowsing mystery by the end of the day.

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